I Don’t Think I’m Ready! Take the Test Anyway?

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Save yourself as much study time as possible

You will never feel ready to take the test. These tests aren’t meant for acing, they are meant for passing. However, you have value, and your time is worth something. Whether you equate that to actual dollars or time you can spend doing something you love, find a way to understand subjectively what your time is worth.

So, let’s look at the risk and reward…. you show up “somewhat” ready – and you pass. How many hours of studying did you just save yourself? Passing by the skin of your teeth is still a pass. Alternatively, you show up…. and you miss the mark – bummer. Not the end of the world, but still a bummer. I challenge you to consider the “failure” a gift, a paid preview of the test. Now you know exactly where you were weak and what to focus your remaining study time on. While you would always prefer a pass the first time, don’t get frustrated with the occasional fail. Those scores don’t show up on anything, anywhere. No one will look back and say – “wait, how did you fail the _______ test the first time?” So, get over it. I caution you to not blind yourself with frustration. Take the whole test, leave the facility, and immediately write down every place that you completely blew it. Make a study plan from those areas.

What do they call the medical student that graduates last from his/her class? You guessed it – a doctor – just like the person that graduated at the top of the heap! There’s a vast difference between the hours to be at the top or the bottom. Now mind you, for a doctor – my preference would be the doctor that put the most effort into school, or can otherwise compensate with vast years of experience. However, most of us aren’t quite as specialized, and our degree will ultimately have very little to do with what we actually do for a living. So, while I’m no gambling advocate, in this circumstance – the odds aren’t all that bad. Both passing and failing will save you time and effort – one way or another. So, check how much that test is, and what your time is worth. Work smarter – not harder.

~The Owl




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