Why You Should Get a Degree Even if you Already have a Career


Stand out in a crowd

For those that are already in the workforce and maybe are coasting along and thinking about going back to school, but think…. why? The answer is, the freedom to choose. But, you say, “I already have a career that I really enjoy with fantastic co-workers, and I want to work here forever and ever”.  You are very lucky, as many of your counterparts trudge in to work daily with dread. The bad news? This simply isn’t good enough. Things change, people change, environments change. The only constant in this world is change. Better opportunities may present themselves, and if you aren’t qualified to seize that new and exciting opportunity – you will be left in the cold. Those awesome co-workers may realize those better opportunities and leave you in that awesome job, with your work – and theirs. Your job just became more stressful, and far less awesome. Alternatively, what happens when that job is no longer an option  – through corporate layoffs, downsizing, automation, or just plain old bad luck? How do you tiptoe back into the marketplace

Aside from self-enlightenment and the attainment of actual knowledge (which you can acquire without the formal accolades) your higher education is important for your résumé. Today’s professional sector is brimming with knowledge workers. So, how do you set yourself apart from your peers that ascended to middle management? Your degree. Don’t wait until you’re miserable, or in a slump to improve your circumstances. People who have relied heavily on their network within the constructs of their corporation or institution, can fashion it into their own prison. If you  want to advance and grow – get out of your comfort zone. As humans, we should keep moving forward, and growing. And, if you’re reading this, you  already have everything you need to do this. You’re literate. You have Internet connection. And, you’re looking for ways to improve your brand. The only brand you’re tied to for the rest of your life is you. Without growth, your choices are limited. Limited choices can make you feel trapped, stagnant, and frustrated during a career stall. Choice lends itself to growth and security.

~The Owl

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