Introduction to Law Enforcement

The American Council of Education (ACE) recommends three upper level baccalaureate credits.  An upper level baccalaureate credit is one that moves beyond the general education requirements. However, before investing your time, effort, and money in any study guide or content review – ensure your school accepts this test for credit. The test will contain 100 questions with a time limit of two hours.

Preparing for the test:

  1. Ensure your higher-level institution will accept the exam for credit. Do this before anything else.
  2. Textbooks are released fairly often, and they don’t generally change dramatically from year to year. To prepare for this test, find a textbook that is less than five years old at a reasonable cost. To ensure the textbook will meet your needs, compare the table of contents (generally reviewable on the site of purchase) to the DSST content guide.
  3. Test and retest yourself based on your content studying from Step 2 by using free flashcards.
  4. Learn how to prepare and control test taking panic.
  5. Take some of the guesswork out of multiple-choice questions.
  6. Take the DSST practice test.
  7. Locate a test center and schedule your exam.